JUNE 16, 2016

So... your getting married!



                             How to choose the Perfect Fresno Wedding Vendue...

Congratulations. Your engaged. Now comes the exciting and never ending search for the perfect venue for your Wedding. Fresno Ca. brides have so many Romantic and elegant venues to choose from. Some examples are: Wonder Valley Resort, Wolf Lakes, Holland Park West, The Golden Palace, Dante Club, and so many more. Here are some helpful hints to get you started.
3 things to take into consideration are:
PRICE: One important piece of advice. Never be broke on the day of your wedding. Relationships are difficult enough, no need to add the problems of a financial hardship.
Take into consideration the size and location of your venue. If you expect 250 guests, check with the venue to see if they can accommodate your wishes. The last thing you need is to have the Fire Marshal at your event restricting access to your venue because of an overflow problem. Also, location is something to think about. If you plan a wedding at the beach instead of a local venue, understand that you will lose a large portion of your guests due to travel and financial hardships.
TYPE OF VENUE: Will your wedding be Romantic, Upscale, Country Style, a Backyard Family setting or are you still unsure. Take into account the theme of your wedding, your colors, flowers, and your distinctive personality traits.
Also check on any restrictions limiting your plans, examples would be: No throwing Flower Pedals on the couple, Some Venues have a no pedals policy due to liability issues. Sound restrictions for your DJ, No walk in runner for the entrance, no outside alcohol allowed, is a horse and carriage allowed, What is the after wedding cleanup policy.
Never pay for a venue unless you visit it first and remember that if your wedding falls on a weekday you can ask if there is a discount for off days. This alone can save your budget. A deposit is always required for holding your date, just don't forget to ask about any refund policy in case of a mishap to your plans. Don't forget to ask for reviews or referrals from past weddings.
Choosing your season is probably the most important detail. Do you want a Fall wedding, or are you more into a beautiful spring event. Take into consideration weather conditions: Cold, Rain, hot sun, snow. This will allow you to plan the little details like umbrellas, shade, or hand fans to match your colors. One important note to keep track of is the Time Change. You probably don't want to have your outdoor wedding in the dark, so plan ahead and check the online Sunset Times.
Congratulation on your upcoming wedding and remember that the most important part of this all is your love for one another and your future together, The rest are just details.
If you need more help planning all the details for your local Fresno Wedding, be sure to check out FresnoWeddingVendors.com to find ALL your local vendors in one place. And if you are in need a Wedding Photographer please visit my site at SoulmatesPhotography.com or give me a call at 559 456-1502 with any questions you may have.